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About First & Second Collection & Planned Giving 

Collecting Money

First Collection 

All of the first collection (loose money as well as money in numbered envelopes, also known as Planned Giving envelopes -see below) goes to the Clergy Fund account and is for the support of clergy in the diocese.

Ukrainian Money

Second Collection 

All loose money goes to the Church account to fund parish office, presbytery and church costs. Of the money in numbered envelopes, 20% is allocated to the School Building Fund account (this amount is tax deductible) and is used for loan repayments in respect of school buildings. The remaining 80% of the money in the envelopes is deposited into the church account to fund parish office, presbytery and church costs.

Examples of parish office costs include printing and stationery, computer software expenses, subscriptions, telephone, staff wages, insurances, cleaning and waste, power, security, repairs, etc.

Examples of presbytery costs include rates, cleaning and waste, insurance, vehicle expenses, power, repairs and maintenance, etc

Examples of church costs include resources for our sacramental programmes (Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Eucharist, RCIA), training and retreats for Altar Server and other liturgical ministries, Mass supplies (altar breads, altar wine, incense, candles, etc), cleaning and waste, repairs and maintenance, rates, power, coffee machine consumables, other canteen consumables – tea, sugar, milk, etc

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