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Congratulations on the birth of your baby/babies and your decision to bring them up as a child of God in the Catholic Family. There is something beautiful about a beginning. Even before a baby is born, the whole family is at work preparing. You want to be sure that everything is ready for the new life that will come and you realise the responsibility you have of raising your child, especially that the infant will be initially totally dependent upon you.

The decision to have your baby Baptised comes after thoughtful reflection.
Why? - because Baptism does not end once the liturgy is over… Parents Baptise their child not because of custom, but because they desire to share their own belief; the child's faith will be based on what he/she has learned and experienced in their home and local community from the very first days of life.

Jesus said “let the little children come to me…” - Baptism is the first Sacrament of Initiation on the Catholic journey.

Do both parents have to be Catholic in order to have their child Baptised in the Catholic Church?

No - However, both parents need to be supportive of the decision to have the child Baptised and raised as Catholic. In order to ensure that the Baptised child has every opportunity to grow in the Catholic faith, it is expected that one parent is a Catholic.

St Augustine's Parish has developed a Baptismal Preparation Program as a means of assisting and informing parents and godparents of their roles and responsibilities in relation to the spiritual upbringing of their child/children, as they prepare for Baptism.


It is a requirement that at least the parent(s) of the child/children who are to be baptised, along with the godparents (if possible), to attend this program prior to the Baptism ceremony. Failure to do so could delay the Baptism.


St Augustine's Parish, offers additional Sacramental Programs for older children aged over 5 years old.

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